S.GATSBY DARK Unveils a symphony of modern luxury. White base, dark marble design, meticulously crafted in a crisscross pattern, dances across a canvas of the deepest, most dramatic stone. VIEW COLLECTION VIEW COLLECTION Immerse your space in a visionary aesthetic. Gleaming, metallic triangular tiles shimmer with a bronze allure, creating a captivatingly futuristic ambiance. S.TRIGLE METAL CH6601M
Glazed Porcelain
600 X 600
A classic appearance that will never go out of style.
Redesign your space with the understated sophistication of our glazed porcelain matte tiles, offering enduring beauty and a modern aesthetic VIEW COLLECTION
CH6606M Glazed Porcelain
600 x 600
Offering a perfect balance of understated beauty and unmatched durability for your home
S.TRIGLE VERONA VIEW COLLECTION Experience the understated elegance of this tiles, offering a modern aesthetic and lasting durability for a space that exudes sophistication.

Care & Maintenance

As a responsible ceramic tile manufacturer, we feel honored to be able to share valuable information with our valued customers.

From various aspects of ceramic tiles such as characteristics of the tiles to tips for choosing appropriate tiles prior to purchase as well as care and maintenance of the tiles.

  • Mop Regularly

  • Do Not Use
    Abrasive Materials

  • Sweep Away

  • Wipe & Clean

  • No Dragging
    Across The Floor

  • Selective
    Cleaning Agents

  • Manufacturer's
    Instruction Only

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