Care & Maintenance

As a responsible ceramic tile manufacturer, we feel honored to be able to share valuable information with our valued customers.

From various aspects of ceramic tiles such as characteristics of the tiles, to tips for choosing appropriate tiles prior to purchase as well as care and maintenance of the tiles.

  • Mop Regularly

    Mop regularly with clean water for daily maintenance or generic detergents for routine cleaning.

  • Do Not Use Abrasive Materials

    Avoid using highly abrasive materials such as scouring pads on glazed tiles as they might scratch and wear out the glaze on tiles.

  • Sweep Away Gently

    Gently sweep away sand or debris on tiled surfaces as it can scratch the glaze on tiles.

  • Wipe & Clean Carefully

    Wipe and clean away any spills on tiled surfaces to prevent scratching the glaze on tiles.

  • No Dragging Across The Floor

    Do not drag heavy objects such as crates across the floor which are laid with tiles not specified for heavy-duty use.

  • Selective Cleaning Agents

    Refrain from using cleaning agents which contain hydrofluoric acid, sodium hydrochloride compounds, and sodium hypochlorite as they are damaging to the surface of ceramic tiles.

  • Manufacturer's Instruction Only

    Follow carefully all manufacturers’ instructions on the application of cleaning agents, to ensure that maximum results are obtained and damage to the tile surface is minimized.